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    G'day DD
    I think your posts contains a great deal of (concise)information and shows a good understanding of the company. For anyone interested in finding out more about the future prospects of ptd, I strongly suggest you go to ozestock ptd forum and ferret through Gerry Stolwyck's massive contributions. He seems to have an extensive understanding of the co. His estimates for earnings are "April 18: PROJECTED PTD PROFIT IN THE YEAR TO SEPT. 30, 2003, TO INCREASE FROM $30 MILL. TO $50 MILL.(Before tax)?: See post 14284"
    This concurs with info I have been given from a broker (friend of a friend) and certainly does make ptd look cheap. I only have 750 of these shares, would love a lot more, but alas.
    The market certainly isn't in a hurry to get into ptd atm though and some say the market is never wrong.
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