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    PTD. Slowly cementing its claims to greater things. Hard to get a handle on its real progress due to lack of detailed information about deals. Stated often to be for reasons of confidentiality - which has some merit, but frustrating nevertheless. Until more is known specifically about the financial details, how is it possible to value them?

    The main focus is on its US patent claims - which appear to be getting closer to being granted - though much confusion surrounds exactly what will ultimately be granted and whether any granted patents are sufficiently strong to permanently nail JJ and Abbott. Other targets are out there, but those such as Immunex appear to be outside the scope of PTD's claims. Time will tell.

    The US patents aren't PTD's only claim to fame, they have an alliance with Diversys (now renamed), their animal health division (which appears permanently stalled), and various odds and ends which however have only a small chance of amounting to anything. The company-maker is the US patents of course.

    Amazing to think that the loser that PTD was, could possibly have gotten its claws into some of the biggest drugs on the pharma. scene - but that's starting to look like the case.

    I wouldn't expect any major price bounce just yet. Wait for the patents proper to issue, then...... There's obviously a lot of pent-up interest in PTD. Small news items always produce a spurt - and it's basically a trading stock at this time. But when/if it starts banking big cheques from major pharma. companies, then lookout upstairs!

    One snag at this point in time is the time frame of earnings. Major streams of income won't show for a couple of years - that's a long time in politics and in the market, so relatively large fluctuations in price can be expected until steady earnings streams become evident. Of course if you wait until then, it'll be too late to jump on board. So it's the old dilemma......

    My belief is that PTD will be granted sufficiently strong patents to maintain its relationship with JJ and Abbott - but other's? I don't think so.

    Good luck with PTD anyway. We'll probably need it, but I reckon it's not the gamble it was earlier.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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