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    HOMEX - Sydney
    Product gains NZ approval

    Australian biotechnology company, Peptech Limited announced today its
    wholly owned subsidiary, Peptech Animal Health Pty Limited (PAH) had
    received approval in New Zealand to market Suprelorin., a six month
    contraceptive drug for dogs. PAH Managing Director Dr Tim Trigg said
    he believed the approval would be the first of many registrations of
    Suprelorin. worldwide. The approval of a similar product from the
    Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority is expected
    in the near future.

    This is a key milestone in the company's development as an
    independent review has found that the product is effective, safe and
    meets all criteria of registration, Dr Trigg said. It also
    demonstrates that our Animal Health drug delivery technology can be
    developed into approvable products.

    Peptech Limited's Managing Director Stephen Kwik said Peptech's
    negotiations with major global pharmaceutical companies, to act as
    its development and marketing partner for Suprelorin., are well

    Implantation of Suprelorin. (su-prel-lor-ren) ensures six months
    contraception and repeated dosing maintains the effect. It can also
    be used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, a common problem with
    older animals, as well as to modify behaviour in dogs.

    PAH's continuing development program includes a 12-month
    contraceptive product for dogs as well as demonstrating its
    effectiveness in females. Both activities are well advanced, and with
    the successful completion of initial trials, registration studies
    have commenced for the 12-month product.


    Peptech Limited and Peptech Animal Health Pty Limited focus on the
    research and development of peptides and proteins in the areas of
    human pharmaceuticals and animal health.

    Further information:
    Dr Tim Trigg Dr Paul Schober
    Peptech Animal Health Pty Limited Peptech Limited
    Ph: (02) 9870 8788 Ph: (02) 9870 8788

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