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PTD Ann Could be Significant

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    Peptech called a trading halt before opening on Monday, pending announcement. The delay in issuing the ann suggests it may be significant, as a "ho hum" ann could be released the same day. One can speculate that it may require confirmation from overseas, perhaps by one or both of Centocor and ABT. ATM (pre opening Tues) its mildly overbid. If the ann does turn out to relate to royalty payments, even if just an agreement by Centocor to pay up, without disclosing details or timing, watch for naked shorts scurrying to cover, with JR leading the charge no doubt.

    If, as expected, Centocor and ABT agree to pay up, then from a long term viewpoint PTD must be very cheap. If, on the other hand, they refuse to pay (unlikely, as they've paid milestones, but still possible), then get out of the way of falling boulders.

    I'm not surprised that JR has yet to tip me another stock to short, after all it must be hard to maintain the very good record he has for contrarian tips on PTD: whenever he tips PTD to drop, do the opposite and on average you're well in front. But use your own judgement, its your money.
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