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    Going back to early 2002, I was accused by some, including JR, of ramping PTD to $5.40.

    Unfortunately, we didn't get the promised patents then and in Oct. J&J stood aside from payment of any royalties including those paid so far in Europe.

    Hidden Application 09/736,630 was frequently referred to on Ozestock in 2002 and on July 9, PTD stated well in advance of usual timing that this was upgraded to a Patent.

    Many believe it is an important one to be used by PTD against J&J.

    However, important as this case may be, and if won, the ensuing royalties, the 36.1% ownership of Domantis is even more interesting (PDF):

    " DOMAIN ANTIBODIES (dAbs) are less than one tenth the size of conventional antibodies and combine the best attributes of small molecule drugs (formulation and delivery versatility, broad target range, low cost of production) with those of full antibodies (enormous diversity, high specificity, lower toxicity)".

    So, in essence, PTD could become a valuable company, given time and the solution of the current dispute with J&J. Current price; $2.28.

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