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psy patents

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    Found the following patents lodged by psy last year.
    Just curious to know if they give any clue on what little surprise psy may have in store for us.
    Patent application numberTitlePublished20140357066METHODS OF CRYSTALLISING THIN FILMS - A method of crystallising a thin film (12-04-201420140042307OPTICAL CANTILEVERY BASED SAMPLE ANALYSIS - An apparatus and method for analysing a sample. The apparatus comprises a waveguide (02-13-201420130070327MULTI-LAYER MAGNETO-OPTIC STRUCTURE - A structure (03-21-2013

    I would guess that the middle one relates to the current lumimems technology,but not too sure on the other 2.
    The MULTI-LAYER MAGNETO-OPTIC STRUCTURE  may relate to psy"s old mpc technology.Any ideas from our more technically gifted posters?????
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