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psd tech better than sirtex - broker

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    This is an astract from a recent article

    "Comparison of PSD with Sirtex in the brachytherapy field

    PSD has built up an impressive IP portfolio around the use of nano-structured BioSilicon in numerous biotechnological applications.

    BioSilicon, as a biomaterial is an extremely simple solution to numerous problems and as such has highly diverse applications.

    The major markets that PSD is expected to focus on are
    drug delivery and brachytherapy, the fastest growing
    markets in this sector of the industry.

    PSD and Qinetiq own over 87% of PsiMedica, giving PSD
    access to some of the best scientists in the field at Qinetiq. Qinetiq is also associated with the Carlyle Group, a preeminent venture capital company.

    We expect the company to sell off non-core technology,
    which includes applications in orthopaedics, tissue
    engineering, and flexible silicon.

    The company needs to sign a collaboration deal with a
    major pharmaceutical company to validate its technology.

    *NOTE THIS* We believe management is involved in negotiations with a number of companies.

    We believe PSD’s technological base has wider application over that of Sirtex’s by virtue of the chemical and physical properties exhibited by BioSilicon.

    We also believe that there is an above average chance of PSD’s technology reaching the market. BioSilicon has been proven to be clinically safe, and many of the active ingredients being tested in applications (ranging from drug-delivery to brachytherapy) are either generic drugs, or have already
    been proven to be clinically safe. END QUOTE

    Sirtex market cap is $280 mil compared to PSD of $42 mil.

    'im excited!'
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