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    Just an interesting note that PSD and its development of nanotechnology could be very attractive to BTC.

    BTC vision is invest in biotech companies in the areas of Post-Genomics, Stem Cell Biology, Silicon Biology and Nanomedicine. So far they have invested in companies covering activities in these areas except for Nanomedicine.

    Arguable the best Australian company in the forefront of this technology is PSD, quoted by Comsec as a "leading participant in this area".

    This makes it look very attractive to BTC who have an aggressive acquisition plan to secure exciting biotech companies. They have recently invested in 20% of CCE and acquired 14.6% of SCS and still have $11.7 million cash left. With only the area of nanomedicine left to cover, it makes sense that it will soon be looking to take a substantial stake in a leading nanotechnology company, which could very easily be PSD. This is evident by its a statement from its website.

    "We are closely following the progress of nanotechnology and will choose to invest in ventures with enabling platforms if they are sufficiently advanced"

    The only 'sufficiently advanced' company I know of is PSD. If institutions like BTC coming on board the full value of enterprising companies like PSD will be revealed.

    Do your own research and make up your own mind.

    Any opinions are welcomed.
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