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    Hi Jocam.
    As far as PSA is concerned there is currently too much risk to the downside and not enough to the uposide for new NET buyers and N ew Net buyers are what this game is all about.
    I personally think it would be best to see the Bid's lowered to less than 30 cents or so until significant demand is available for the shares.There Just seem to be Selling 'Taps' as I have mentioned before at possibly lower than I have mentioned before ,currently possibly at $0.34 and above which just undermine the buyers who may wish to take shares on board as these potential buyers have the risk that the shares will not rise when they have alternatives in shares which are rising. So those buyers evaporate and buy elsewhere.
    It takes Money , Fuel to make share prices rise not hot air.Just Cash.
    Also the lease buys announced are not without risk and if the Chevron leases which you mention are close then if they are that good why did the other buyers allow PSA to buy those leases.

    Basically share investments are different sizes of cash in each one and a dispassionate view says invest in those shares which are running, however do not get caught when the music stops as has happened to many investors in HDR for example, some even found they are beached at over $1 where, I sold. The risk for a further rise was too high.
    Back to my AWE idea , I see that Yesterday Portfolio partners said that they had increased their holdings, I think they are smart. AWE is rising after a very sharp fall and has no credibility problem.
    ARQ , the lucky share ? It has done very well and could rise further , however it reminds me of the HDR rise when it too took off. I shall be looking for the a Sell opportunity as I do not like to buy spikes.As I have posted before the only real reward in the stock market is for RISK, basically everything else apart from inside information is already priced in.That was clearly demonstrated yesterday with ARQ.

    Best wishes

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