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    Unitholders endorse Board’s strategy - support resolutions to remove hedge funds
    Unitholders in the LinQ Resources Fund (ASX:LRF), Australia’s leading specialist managed resources
    fund, today approved the two resolutions providing an exit mechanism for two hedge funds from the
    Fund’s register. Even excluding any votes cast by the two hedge funds on resolutions 1 and 2, these
    resolutions would have been passed.
    The Managing Director of LinQ Capital Limited as the Responsible Entity for the LinQ Resources
    Fund, Mr Clive Donner, thanked unitholders for their support.
    “We are pleased to have once again received the continued support from unitholders. The Board firmly
    believes that providing the mechanism to exit the hedge funds from the register is in the best interests of
    all unitholders.”
    “The Fund has been performing exceptionally well, illustrated by the recently announced 142 per cent
    increase in unaudited net profit to $116.89 million for the half year to 31 December 2007. The Board is
    focused on continuing to deliver medium to longer term value creation for unitholders and we appreciate
    their ongoing support.”
    The details of the voting were as follows:

    Resolution 1:
    Resolution 1 – Approval of acquisition by LinQ
    Resources Fund No 2 of Weiss Units
    59,951,089 - For
    57,683,464 - Against

    Resolution 2 – Approval of acquisition by LinQ
    Resources Fund No 2 of Remaining Carrousel Units
    92,161,527 - For
    59,145,621 - Against

    Resolution 3 – Facility Permitting Redemption of LinQ
    Resources Fund No 2’s Units
    128,766,707 - For
    58,850,395 - Against

    On the basis of the above votes, resolutions 1 and 2 were passed. Special resolution 3 was not passed as
    a majority of 75% was required. This does not affect resolutions 1 and 2.

    LinQ Capital Limited
    Australian Financial Services Licence 239785
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