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    The inter day spot price of gold will wrong foot you if you are trading gold equities as a proxy, and we had some impatient and timid hands selling out yesterday in the drop of the POG. As for the IMF news, note that it will take the US Congress to authorise the sale and, with a lame duck President and a new and preoccupied Administration coming in, that is no certain thing for a long time.

    Far better to focus on the fact that the decades-long loss of control of monetary aggregates by major monetary authorities and that world growth ex-USA will impose punishing dollar denominated world prices on all will do your inflationary bidding on the POG for you.

    As for PRE, the market IMO is pricing its notional in ground value at around 70,000 ounces. If that is the case, so be it, but I am more likely to be a hapless Dutchman sailing on the star-crossed Batavia.

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