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Prostate Cancer trials

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    The Directors are pleased to advise that Biotron Limited (‘Biotron’) has commenced a clinical trial of its
    CT-2 cancer diagnostic assay. The commencement of this clinical trial follows results from preliminary
    studies conducted by the Company which have demonstrated that specific cancer types have unique
    biomarker expression profiles and also the receipt of ethics approval from St. Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney.
    The clinical trial, to be conducted on blood samples from prostate cancer patients, will validate the
    Company’s CT-2 test by identifying a pattern of cancer specific biomarkers detected by mass
    The Company has already shown that different types of cancer express different patterns of these
    biomarkers. The commencement of the clinical trial represents a significant advance of the CT-2 test, the
    second of the Company’s cancer diagnostic tests.
    The C-Test Project
    Based on research conducted by Professor Christopher Parish, Head of the Division of Immunology and
    Cell Biology at the John Curtin School oFMedical Research at the Australian National University, the c- Test Project is developing two independent diagnostic tests for early detection and diagnosis of cancer.
    The first, CT.1 is designed to detect the presence of cancer and the second. CT-2, is designed to diagnose
    the type of cancer. Both tests use mass spectrometry to detect levels of novel cancer biomarkers in the
    blood of cancer patients.
    CT-l is already in clinical trial under the supervision of the National Health Sciences Centre Limited in
    Canberra. The basis of CT-I is the detection of a single, specific molecule that disappears When cancer is
    present This biomarker appears to be completely novel, no other group is known to have described it and
    the Company has applied for a patent for this compound.
    h recent months a major effort has been made to elucidate the exact structure of the CT- I molecule.
    Completion ofthis work, which the Company expects in the near future, will further strengthen our patent
    position and will facilitate preparation and analysis ofpatient blood samples. Elucidation ofthe structure
    ofthe CT-I biomarker will significantly reduce the time and cost of the CT-I clinical trial.
    CT-2 analyses the pattern o f expression levels of a series of different biomarkers. Biotron aims to
    develop a diagnostic test that will diagnose the cancer type on the basis of the pattern of expression of
    small non-protein biomarkers that are found in serum. Preliminary studies have shown that the serum
    from patients with different cancer types have different, unique expression patterns or “fingerprints”. The
    clinical trial at St. Vincent’s Clinic will enable the Company to determine the spectrometric fingerprint
    for prostate cancer.
    As existing assays are considered unreliable andlack specificity, the development of a very specific.
    sensitive and, importantly, a non-invasive assay for prostate cancer will be a major advance.
    The CT-2 clinical trial, to be conducted in the Urology Department of St. Vincent’s Clinic, Sydney, by Dr
    Philip Brenner and colleagues, will involve 120 volunteers with prostate cancer. Additional patients with
    benign prostatic hyperplasia as well as patients without prostate cancer will also be included in the trial.
    The TT-? clinical trial is expected to take approximately six months to complete
    For hrther information, please contact Dr. Michelle Miller, Business Development Manager, on (02)
    61258001 or 0412313329.
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