prospectus out this week

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    Prospectus out this week. Should then be 28 days to raise funds, then they can apply to re-list after this. Looks like end of April at this stage for re-listing. Patent date has been given-this means that patent for technology has been issued and a date from when the patent applies has been established. I'm sure we will find out when this date is when the prospectus comes out this week.Patent attorneys from big reputable US technology law firm here last week- apparently they are extremely bullish about the technology and the valuation they give is unbelievable!!!

    I reckon we will be told about the deals when the prospectus comes out as well-they will need the deals to get funds-No one will pay up for the prospectus if they've got nothing.

    Should be exciting and eventful times in next few weeks. I heard that Clarke and tatouilis were having a big lunch at Donovans in Melbourne the other day. There were some big hitters there with them. Wonder if they were celebrating deals. These guys were as big as they get in Australia. We'll soon find out.
    I'm hearing unbelievable valuations for this thing from conservative cool heads in the know.

    Has anyone else heard anything to confirm?
    Troskolo?, Jack Frost? Brucey?
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