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prospects for vti in a bear market

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    Because I don’t see myself as a very astute trader or investor, I very seldom contribute to the forum here, but visit it pretty regularly. However, like many others (and also unlike still others) who visit this forum, I have held for a long time a basic faith in the quality of Virotec’s research and in the efficacy of the products they’ve developed to date. Of course, I realize that quality products alone do not make a stock a winner. I’ve traded the share quite a few times, but I still believe in them and think that, unless some other company comes up with products that really eclipse theirs in both efficacy and cost, then they have excellent prospects even yet. What bothers me at the moment, however, is the state of the equity markets in general and I’m anticipating a continued fall in the equity market any time now, since this latest rally seems to have just about run its course. From what I’ve read about previous bear markets, there always seem to be a few equities that do well while all of the others go on down with the falling tide, so, if this is true, then it’s a matter of trying to determine which few might do well.
    It has occurred to me that, if , on the other side of the coin, the bull market in precious metals is going to continue, then this could also be good for VTI since many gold and silver mines may finally feel inclined or able to pay for the cleaning-up of acid mine drainage problems on their sites, especially where it is perhaps hampering, or in some cases even preventing extraction of these increasingly valuable metals. Even more recently discovered and developed mines (and there’s getting to be plenty of those since the price of gold has begun its rise) could save themselves a lot of grief down the track if they were to employ the VTI technology from the outset. Or are VTI’s prospects likely to be not much different to those of most other equities (assuming that my expectation of the bear market in equities continuing turns out to be correct)? What do others think about this?
    I am not trying to ramp the stock. I don’t pretend to know how VTI will do in the final analysis and, in fact, I’m probably less knowledgeable in trading and investing than most. That’s why I’m asking what others think.

    I hold mostly gold and silver stocks, but do also hold some VTI.

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