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    Good post jocam. Efforts such as yours are appreciated.

    You seem to indicate PPP was involved in Argos and Ceres. I dont think that is the case, but it is involved a 4 to 6 well program with Apache in the Carnarvon Basin. All before Tui early next year.

    NZO should also go well pre Tui. It would not suprise me to see NZO 30% higher (40c) pre drilling of Tui. Dont underestimate the interest that there will be in Tui. NZO is very lightly traded, which adds a lot of risk to exits and entries, but also does not need a lot of buying to get the price up. AWE, NZO and PPP are the only listed entries so NZO and PPP due to greater leverage will get lots of punters on board. Tui has greater target upside than any of HDR's individual Mauritania drills so expect a lot more posts here at HC and a lot more punters getting on board. Even Quenton Cameron has talked up Tui for a long time. The industry has been hanging out for it to be drilled.

    FAR seems deserving of more attention than it has got so far. Good entry for Beibu Gilf drilling next year too.

    EPR drilling soon (share price already strong) and Cobbobbonee next year will get them fired up.

    I hold PPP, EGO, COE, NWE.


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