Picastoc ;Thank you for correcting my spelling / punctuation.My...

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    Picastoc ;
    Thank you for correcting my spelling / punctuation.
    My past was Building / agriculture and management of small businesses.
    When one works for oneself. One respects the value of $1 and I have been thrifty with my savings.

    I admit I don't trust Labor.
    My family became insolvent in the 70's. Labor removed Tarif on imported printing and within 12 mths 5 printing companies in Sydney went bankrupt we were No 3.

    Company was started by my farther who was a lithographic printer in New Guinea in 1942.
    6th Topographic / survey Corp who replaced 2nd who were destroyed.
    On his return he started his own company and built it up to employ 25 people.
    He could never understand how unions could enter his building and talk tto his men.

    I have never, unlike you had a weekly wage.
    Or a job that last forever payed for by the public Tit.

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