Proposal to abolish refundability of Franking Credits, page-509

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    Member of ASA has sent this letter to his family.
    I have done the same.
    Placed a copy on forum for members notice.

    Well the election has been called and if the opinion polls are right it will likely end with the election of a Shorten Labor government and the economic chaos that will follow.
    Despite their internal problems the current Liberal government has not lost its way economically, raising employment and soon back in surplus.
    A Shorten Labor government will attack retirees who are fully or partially self-funded(not much of a reward for saving for your own retirement) by taking from them their franking credits or double taxing monies paid to them from companies they part own.
    To make matters worse Labor has further discriminated between retirees on the basis of where money is invested and when retirees may get a pension.
    I have money invested in and out of superannuation and receive franking credits of about $[insert amount] and with Shorten I will get nothing.
    This will affect my ability to help others and also your inheritance.
    It’s all very scary and unfair and I urge you to carefully consider how you vote at the Federal election.

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