@Hittmanfor u, at 51, with the new $1.6M cap, it is very very...

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    for u, at 51, with the new $1.6M cap, it is very very difficult for u to get more than the cap amount into ur account (due to new contribution limits/controls that came with the caps). Even if u do hit the cap u still have to accrue the SGC if applicable to u (so u exceed the cap - but cannot do any after tax contributions)

    Peeps can still get super earlier than 60 but they must meet the release conditions ...... and tax may/may not be payable as well. For most it is not worth the effort due to taxes involved - the big tax free 60 years of age carrot.

    what else.... if peeps have 1.6m in super, i suspect they also have an amount of $ outside super as well ....to get thru till 60 yrs or whatevs
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