property, stocks no crash at all

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    with all this talk about property crashes
    are you, the investor, rushing out to buy property?
    no...a great dampener, yet the money stream is still there

    with all this talk about US financial collapse, have you rushed out to buy US dollars? no, so it falls a bit more
    the last thing the US want is an overvalued dollar

    with the irrational exuberance that was mooted years ago by greenspan, have you been confident enough to be 100% in the market? probably not, but you are in there, for something draws you to it

    in former years and crashes the voices of doom were slight...
    yes they all came out afterwards and quoted from their doomsday articles (many of which were two bob each way) but this time there is more negative talk than you could poke a guru at, feeding on itself

    well guess what!

    there is to be no real estate crash
    and the stock market is actually being held back by the incessant negatives touted and sprouted in the market

    convenient, as the monied get set!

    and the main reason real estate won't crash, just dull for a while, is that inflation over the next years, will be extraordinary and ruthless
    it will be devasting for those on fixed incomes and the poor...THAT IS- ANYONE OUT OF REAL ESTATE OR THE MARKET
    inflation- we haven't seen anything yet!

    the markets are still edging up, as they must, and the negative spiel is keeping the lid on
    but the lid is bubbling (bad choice of words) on the stove
    there is not enough room in there for all the buying that will inevitably continue to emerge

    why do so few agree with me? because it is back-to-front this time
    usually inflation takes off, then there is a grab for assets
    well the grab happened (1st stage), bank induced
    you think the banks don't know !
    your thoughts........
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