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    yes there are a few people doing this...

    thought about it myself.

    you buy a house and rent it out to someone who pays a deposit say $5000 to buy at a future date. this gives them time to sort finance or save for a greater deposit
    for bank requirements in case they have problems

    when the date comes around if for some reason the buyer cant pay up you get to keep the deposit.

    included in the rent is a small sum, 10% eg, which you keep as a deposit towards the purchase price.

    same as share options - you buy a call you have the option but not the right to buy the houise at a pre determined rate - the strike price.

    some however are taking people for a ride. i contacted one bloke who was doing this and he wanted $400 a week rent. another wanted $200 a week.

    needs to go through a lawyer to get binding contract
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