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    No croupier, you have got it all wrong.
    None of the reliable posts in the last day or so, ramped up property.
    In fact it was a purely defensive stance against the 'down ramping' by the outlandish remarks of some on this forum.

    None of us who are really into property made any remarks, to suggest others should invest in property.

    Most of us property investors are more than happy with
    the current and future scenarios. We are happy with our lot, no need for ramping to the gullible.

    We simply stated our own postions and experiences.

    Unlike the stock market, there is no need for ramping /dumping stocks to gain a position.

    My view is the property market is very different to the stock market.
    Property market consists of a very conservative approach, more funds at stake, lifestyle, values and ethics.
    Stock market appears to be more of a gamble, different players, different rules.

    Read the red stuff below.
    My personal view and interpretation only.

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