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    I called a friend today. a RE agent, about letting one of my properties in the Albury NSW area.
    Albury is on the NSW/Vic Border.
    Albury is a Regional City, situated half way between Melb. and Sydney.
    Albury is logistically poised between growth, on a massive scale.
    Freight companies, fast track trains, and storage companies, including big name distributors, have already made their mark, demanding premium storage space, on vacant land in the 50klm, surrounding areas .

    Albury is, half way between Melbourne and Sydney, so to speak.
    Big growth centre, massive employment area, on the Murray River, about a half hours drive to the massive 'Lake Hume' (300klms in size).

    My RE Agent said, she, her firm no longer dealt with rental properties.
    They the firm were no longer interested in rental properties.
    In fact that agent had sold/disposed of the 'rent rolls'.

    That is serious stuff. anyway you look at it.

    All that firm dealt with or were focused on were
    sale of properties.
    Their figures showed 30% min. capital gains pa
    in the last year, for vendors.
    Can you believe it-
    A RE Agent only interested in selling your property.
    No interest in Rent Rolls.???

    This is serious stuff- what can I say to diffuse it?.
    Major National Companies/ Big Brand Names are moving into the area.
    Most Big Brand Names/Organisations, do the deomgraphic things, test the waters, check the viability, of investing in an area.

    Oh well, since Albury /Wodonga are building another new 'satelite' town to house another 35000-45000 people at Leneva.
    Plus building 'distribution centers' at Barnarwatha and 30klms towards the north at 'thurgoona',
    I guess that explains why, property is booming in this Regional City.

    Read the red stuff below.
    I have no idea, why or how or it. Bigger forces are at play, National Companies have their own agenda. I am not privvy to same. this message is that of a naive player, attempting to inderstand the rules of the game.

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