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    Re Adelaide Real Estate I am A Real Estate agent operating in North Adelaide.The market is still very sound with all agents very low on "listings" ie houses for sale.If your daughter is looking to buy in Adelaide I would wait until spring when there will be more to select from.If she is looking to live in the house then it will be a good investment as long as it is bought in the right suburb and the right price.Auctions I maintain are quite often the best place to buy if you know what you are doing .The reason being is that the agents use the auction system to,quote"condition the vendor into taking less", the agent is only interested in getting the hammer down not a higher price.If your daughter would like to conact me will i would be happy to help her my email is [email protected] For investment else where I am also involved in Rural investment in farming land inNew South Wales.Land in a particular very good farming area can be bought for $500-550 an acre.This land can be leased out to very sound farmers @ 7-8% or could be sharefarmed out to these farmers with slightly more risk where the land owner gets 25% of gross showing more like 15%return.The big gains in my view is the capital gains this land has the potential to be $1000/acre within 5-7 years and possibly earlier.With the australian dollar so low these farmers are making huge money, one I know payed $2m for a property 18months ago and paid for it befor tax in the first year.The property would know be worth $3m.This is taking into account the drought some areas are having at the moment.The potential is huge.The farmers are sound and can stand the odd bad season.
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