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    re: property and inflation and all the other stuff WOW,

    I went away for dinner and came back to some serious stuff! I'll try to address all that you've said.

    First BBM

    "You make it sound as if property always goes up with no hicups"

    Actually the whole thing started because a number of people were saying 30% drop in prices to come soon just like 1991. I simply disputed that. I actually dug up stats for them showing the figures were wrong. "Property" means nothing, what property? If you mean high rise units that's one thing, if you mean waterfront mansions that's another, if you mean 3br brick veneers out in the suburbs then they have NEVER had a fall of that magnitude in this country in major cities. The worst median price drop Australia wide was 5% from 1989 - 1991, in Sydney in the same period it was 10% but only if you include the units and waterfronts, without them I think the drop would be much less.

    "One thing is for sure and that is an increase in interest rates (at the very least) will have an impact on many out there."

    Damn right! The question is what effect will it have Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane wide? Please remember, no units, no prestige, only median level stuff.

    Now Test

    Nasdaq and Australian property, connection?

    Now Atomu

    Morality? Man I have to admit I just don't understand what you're talking about. Property provided for free? How will that work? Who will you take it from? I dunno how practical your post is.

    Now Bingus41_

    Actually property (median house median suburb) has consistently beaten inflation for generations, check the figures, you'll be impressed. You're absolutely right about the time scales, it needs patience and as far as the RBA is concerned those guys want soooooooo bad to raise rates BUT with the AUS$ rising and an election looming they may have a fight on their hands. I think we've got at least 6 months of steady as she goes but my wife and I fixed all our rates at 5.85 for 3 years just in case. It might be a good idea for you to look at it.

    Hope I've answered you guys to some level of satisfaction.
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