Proof: Media Conspiracy Produces Scripted Propaganda

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    See it with your own eyes. Listen with your own ears.

    The proof is right there, on the air.

    It proves:

    1. Major networks are given material to presnet by a central source.

    2. The material is slanted towards a specific political agenda.

    3. The nature of the conspiracy is across major networks, Fox is included.

    4. The "journalists" and talking heads are not independent, they are puppets.

    5. The Democratic platform and policy position is the one distributed.

    6. So the media is WORSE than biassed. They are active participants in propaganda.

    7. Besides the Democratic party, the  CIA in indicated since they are the only likely source for authority over the variety of networks involved, and we know CIA has huge budgets for propaganda.

    8. The news is "produced", so numerous individduals at each network are complicit, besides the person reading the script:

    media managers, editors, producers,  communications liaisons, management.

    9.The tactic of accusing and projecting onto the opponent, what you yourself are doing, is typical of the left. Here is the media accusing others of being a "danger to democracy". The media is the danger.

    10. Same with "fake news". They themselves are guilty,but they accuse others.

    So the media conspiracy is proven.

    The FBI/DOJ/CIA/MI6/State dept/DNC/WH conspiracy is proven

    Can you add two and two ?

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