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Agree.Dipped a toe the other day. Have observed this share for a...

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    Dipped a toe the other day. Have observed this share for a little while as a non-holder, so thought I would bring some posts here.

    On lithium - Post #: 47872890

    On halloysite - Post #: 49005694 (grainsize and brightness comments) Post #: 49004013 (general)
    In terms of the historical data from recollection it is much closer and/or at surface, so need go a little lower to see whether grain size and brightness increse etc etc. From one of the embedded posts:
    "The key for LRS when they drill further down - say 10 metres to 30 metres - is hitting resource with lower Fe203 impurity levels especially IMO but still having good particle size ( at or below 45 um especially) and decent brightness (which I suspect they will hit as well and if they do hit them well SP will look after itself here). Then the METs can show what they can produce, and that also aids the proposed process flowsheet itself etc etc."

    Of the historical data location 4 looked interesting - Post #: 49005197 and Post #: 49005317 - but obviously limited drilling took place in the past from recollection, so the historical data per se is interesting in itself because cearly something is there etc etc.

    On Peru project - Post #: 49117477

    Interesting play, and obviously is high risk high reward play and/or the converse if drilling fails etc, so good luck to all of us etc etc

    All IMO IMO
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