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    I have started a new thread with a more positive title.

    I personally don't think "the race" has even started yet.

    From what I can make out Phoenix Energy is still some way from even starting construction of their plant (late 2015) and operation (late 2016) and then there is full commissioning to come.
    If they have problems and delays like AnaeCo you can add plenty of time on to that as well.

    The stipulated time for the completion of the last lot of rectifications has now past so hopefully we'll be back on track to full ramp-up ASAP, commissioning and hand-over. Then they can start chasing up MOU's and door knocking the hundreds of City Councils in this country and others using pre-historic methods of waste disposal.

    I hear and agree with what people are saying re lack of information from management. There seems to be a low level of vitality. You would expect some exuberance and an urge to promote and advertise the benefits of what this company is developing considering how far this whole thing has come. They will need some spirit injected into the team to get this really moving once the ramp-up is complete. I'm hoping Monadelphous will have plenty of input in this regard.
    And on that note, it is my assumption that MND will see this through to completion. They stumped up another loan recently and you would think they wouldn't have done that if they were not going to go all the way. They are dribbling the funds in on an as required basis only which is a smart way to do it.

    Good luck to all, - it's no use being negative and holding, it will drive you crazy.

    I don't normally select my sentiment to anything other than 'None' but I have added over the last week so it is a high risk 'Buy' for me at the moment. My theory is that this has to be as low as, or close to as low as it will go (easy to say at .004), although I thought that at .007 as well! Work it all out for yourself it's your hard earned!
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