progress update

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    For any VOY followers (doesn't appear to be many),

    It appears that the options will not be in-the-money come June. This can be considered a negative as it wold have provided much-valued development money, or as a positive as it doesn't dilute shareholdings.

    Money-wise, Voyager are in a good position currently with close to $4mill in the bank. They are planning on selling their Nockatunga project, hopefully for $2mill plus, and they have hinted that they are actively seeking new opportunities.

    Jingemia extended production testing has been delayed again due to permit issues and are now expected to begin in the next week or so.

    Voy has been hit very hard with the average Cliff Head results, but the Perth basin is proving to be very lucrative overall. Voy has some nice acreage in the area, and with a nice bank balance, and farmout options, seems to be very well priced at 16c. Lack of volume and interest can be put down to lack of current action, but with a few items on the cards as mentioned, could expect some more interest in the near future, at least I'm hoping.

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