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    It has been rather quiet lately since we received that Soy Isoflavone Patent on Xmas-Eve.

    A subject is often covered by a "family" of Patents and one tends to be the Main Patent. This cluster of Patents tends to close all loopholes which could cause problems later on.

    I was told we may get such a Main Patent shortly but I don't know which one as there is another on the way.

    One Main Patent completes the work on the ISOFLAVONES. That cluster of Patents is extremely important as it covers the following functions-by Cflip:

    " NRT's isoflavone patents will not be able to prevent others from selling soy or isoflavone products, but it will prevent others from claiming or advertising that you can take these compounds for whatever reason, ie to prevent breast cancer, hot flushes associated with menopause, male pattern baldness, etc etc".

    So you can see that if we can get that Patent and be able to reasonably enforce it, there is a lot of money at stake. It would derive royalties from a vast array of OTC (over the counter products)in the US and presumably this will be followed up in Europe, Australia and Japan as well: I believe that Applications were launched years ago.

    Some of us are trying to refine estimates as to income.

    The second important Patent to come refers to treatment of Menopausal symptoms and osteoporosis. I don't know when we shall get this one.

    No news from the Trials yet; however, I heard there could be a Press conference sometime late March.

    As to the drug NV07a, I rate it as worth right now $2.75 and $3.50 when the Commercial contract is signed. This was referred to previously.

    I must ask when NRT will be doing more trials on the important drug NV04, a cardio. drug. The first one resulted in 100% success. There could be a massive market lined up for this, given time.

    That is my opinion,


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