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…..be surely due any day now.From last progress report 11th Feb...

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    …..be surely due any day now.

    From last progress report 11th Feb 2008…….” The company is in regular contact with the drill contractor and the local land owner, and the rig will be mobilised to site as soon as the ground conditions improve and the water levels in the local creeks drops sufficiently to permit vehicle access. Conditions are not expected to improve sufficiently until mid to late March. Shareholders will be informed when local conditions permit access for the drill contractor.”

    Questions to IIG.

    Has the weather improved enough to allow access to site?

    Is the drilling contractor still available when access is available?

    Inform us please!

    After further research into the ‘Lionel Diggings’ area I believe this definitely will become a spec to watch


    DYOR please
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