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    It is rather interesting, and pleasing, to see a continuation of the good results with the current drilling program and, augers well for the future as we have all alluded to in the past.

    The interesting aspect for me is the apparent "tit for tat" timing of announcements between ETE and RFE which is excellent. It may not be engineered however, continues to draw attention to the similarity of targets for both companies although, I hold ETE in a much higher prospectivity than RFE.

    Whilst the Market Cap for RFE has certainly come off its highs (by a long way), they still defy logic why they are considered better rated than ETE. Maybe the reverse is the case.

    Some serious re-rating for ETE must be close and perhaps, get the current options out of the road and they might stand a chance.

    Merry Xmas!
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