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    Courtesy of here is a profile of most if not all the new Labor members in Victoria - the trick is to spot the new pollies who have ever had a real job. If they are not ex schoolteachers they are invariably ex party hacks - this is what now runs the state.

    Legislative Assembly
    Bayswater, Peter Lockwood - Labor Unity worked hard to block his preselection and won't be putting out the welcome mat to this ex-councillor and IT man.

    Bellarine, Lisa Neville - lucky Labor Unity beneficiary of a preselection deal that shafted the previous candidate. A community house manager, previously John Brumby staffer and before that President of the National Union of Students while studying law.

    Bentleigh, Rob Hudson - Bracks' former social policy adviser, SL. Sees himself as a future premier. May need to move to the electorate if he wants to keep the seat and realise his goal. Previously advisor to Brian Howe. Admitted in the Age he saw the use of taxpayers money used to fund polling done at Southland in the neighbouring Mordialloc electorate.

    Cranbourne, Jude Perera - SL and a good recruiter, but not nearly as good as the Turks who we'll come to later. Contract computer programmer who crunches the numbers digitally.

    Eltham, Steve Herbert - ex-teacher, former Kim Il Carr apparatchik and SL (natch), but should be a strong local member. Former Lynne Kosky staffer.

    Ferntree Gully, Anne Eckstein - factionally non-aligned, so previously shafted for the presidency of the ethnic affairs policy committee by Unity. Former primary teacher and responsible for much of the policy last time round.

    Forest Hill, Kirstie Marshall - celebrity know-nothing and beneficiary of racist vote. Expected to closely examine the career of Justin Madden while laid-up over the next year with first baby. Anesthetist hubby is very busy, so who will represent Forest Hill?

    Mill Park, Lily D'Ambrosio - SL, former staffer to a SL MP and married to an RMIT lecturer who writes books complaining that the Labor Party isn't left wing enough. Only in Victoria, folks.

    Mordialloc, Janice Munt - The woman with the Badge. Ex-waitress. (The badge said I'm Munt, vote for me 'cause the other guy's a .....)

    Morwell, Brendan Jenkins - none too popular locally after low-achieving stint as Mayor, but the Modernisation Alliance of Greg Sword ensured his preselection over fellow local councillor Lisa Proctor. Still yet to limp over the line on preferences.

    Mount Waverley, Maxine Morand - non aligned and little-known health worker and ex-advisor to John Thwaites.

    Mulgrave, Daniel Andrews - SL and currently assistant state secretary to Roland Lindell.

    Narre Warren North, Luke Donnellan - Labor Unity hack and activist in Richmond. Considered able. Property manager.

    Yan Yean, Danielle Green - dumped the SL for Labor Unity. Allied to Theo Theophanous and has worked in his office. Former unsuccessful candidate for Darebin Council. Once married to union official Michael Rizzo. Most recently Andre Hairdryer staffer, previously a Public Service Union official.

    Legislative Council

    Eumemmering Province, Adam Somyurek - Labor Unity hack and one of two Turks to join the Legislative Council. Keen recruiter in Holt, and helped preselect Anthony Byrne over former state president Jill Hennessey for that seat. His election shows all that branch work has paid dividends

    Geelong Province, John Eren - Another Labor Unity Turk. Keen recruiter in the Geelong area who will be pleased to see a whole swag of LU members among the newly elected local MPs. Brother of Tayfen Eren, the disgraced former member of the Legislative Council for Doutta Galla who was deselected in 1999, much to the anger of many Turks. His election will probably see Turks prosper amongst ethnic branch stackers - if they avoid trying to blow up Greek Cypriots.

    Koonung Province, Helen Buckingham - another Labor Unity member, school counsellor and former Mayor of Whitehorse who has contested previous parliamentary elections in the area. Daughter of Frank Wilkes, the state Labor leader deposed by John Cain before the 1982 state election.

    Monash Province, John Scheffer - SL "social policy expert", school teacher and active in the anti branch stacking group, Members for Democratic Change. The Australian Jewish News likes running items on his social policy background - like one time support for the Palestinian cause in the 1980s and former membership of the Communist Party.

    Silvan Province, Carolyn Hirsh - old enough for the pension and a former Cain government SL MP. Owes her preselection to the split in the Right, with support from the Sword Modernisation Alliance.

    Templestowe Province, Lidia Argondizzo - yet another SL and a former Mayor of Northcote. A member in waiting for many years who unsuccessfully contested a number of preselections while sweating it out for 15 years in Barney Cooney's office. Seen as a hard worker.

    And the drop out...

    Benalla, Denise Allen - the only ALP member to be defeated this election. May have something to do with her electorate staff's reluctance to return phone calls or reply to letters.

    Hillary Bray can be contacted at [email protected]
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