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    I suppose we can thank queen victoria for the strict standards which have resulted in certain words being considered as taboo.
    At some stage all or most of them were in general use as normal words,untill some one decided that they should not be uttered,probably any or all of the religious bodies with plenty of influence in high places (UK) would have something to do with it.
    Enter errol flynn who shook the world with his disgusting outburst in the 30's and the rot had started,from then on the various banned words were becoming more and more commonly used untill today all but one are heard from men and women alike
    The point that interests me is the origin of these words and can anyone help?
    One originated I believe from the splicing of ropes on ships,during this operation the rope was forced open to allow the next part of the rope to be pushed into it and this was called a c... splice.
    Please feel free to add.
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