profanities rising

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    I cant see any official announcement about the profanity filter being pulled, but I see it has gone. I know there were some problems with it, like blocking Saturday! but fixing them might have been better than dropping it. Too hard? Thats ok, the new system should work.

    As I understand it, posts are automatically allowed to be posted, and mods reject anything offensive in the next hour or so, when they read it.This system should work, so why isnt it working? Have I misunderstood the system, or have the standards been lowered by default?

    I must be the only one who cares. Its not that Im so offended by it, its just that I feel intellectual people want to keep a certain standard of discussion, and insults and four letter words dont fit in with the image we are trying to project to attract new members.Speak up members. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.
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