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produtora geology

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    after doing a bit of research regarding geology of porphyry copper deposits
    im starting to think the breccia zone is related to porphyry zone /deposits
    look under

    They are typical of the epithermal ore environment and are intimately associated with intrusive-related ore deposits such as skarns, greisens and porphyry-related mineralisation.

    so far  productora has a large breccia zone.. the cause of the breccia (broken rock cemented together) is currently unknown to me  but i suspect hydrothermal causes
    to have a porphyry right next to it suggests  they are related
    agian i suspect maybe not closely related ..as in i dont think they where formed at the same time
    the differance between the "zones" (habanero/rocoto/st innes) in the breccia suggest to me diffrent time of formation and different  mineralisation
    habanero ; high copper gold
    rocoto ;moderate copper
    st innes ; high gold
    eg a differnet volcanic eruption for each zone
    * side note
    porphyry copper deposits dwarf the related breccia in my limited understanding

    2 things are true from drilling announcements
    there is a breccia zone and a porphyry zone

    im out of time
    geology is highly speculative subject matter
    so please do not except this thread as anything but personal theory subject to change as new info comes to hand
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