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Production Tax Break coming?

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    A dollar saved is a dollar earned (certainly as far as EBITDA is concerned and a potentially saving for the life of the well....

    ND presently has 11.5% production tax (oil extraction tax 6.5% + gross production tax of 5%), higher than most states.

    "The extraction tax has a built-in tax break if oil drops below an inflation adjusted limit set at $55.09/bbl. for 2015. If the realized price of WTI is below that number for 5 consecutive months, then the 6.5% tax is dropped for the first 24 months of the well's life. After the 24 months are up, the tax is reinstated, but at a 4% rate for the well's life, not 6.5%. Keep in mind, a well will produce for 35 to 40 years, so the effective tax break would cover that period of time. The 5% gross production tax is not affected, and will continue throughout the period regardless of oil price."
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