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Problem with VTI - my personal opinion.

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    Internal (within the company) development of the new products based on Bauxsol technology is fine and
    I am happy with it, but selling it to the world is a different story.

    Every country/group of countries/continent has a group of three forces
    1. green movement/organizations
    2. EPA
    3. Science + industry stakeholders group trying to find the solution

    I am aware of the above after countless hours of the research.
    Unfortunately noone that counts is aware of VTI (only very few exceptions).

    That points to quality of PR machine and Board of directors.

    There is nobody within the company who analyzed/researched those forces and tried to work out
    the strategy how to approach it and what door to knock on.

    VTI management in my view has not playing those forces the way it should.
    Reason is simple, small miner management mentality.

    They are aware of what they have but just don't know how to sell it.
    VTI doesn't have a "think tank" to do it, instead they form the ad hoc alliances and hope for the best,
    leaving the job to outsiders.

    One of the directors for example is qualified medical practitioner who build/co-owned a hospital in Vic and now
    is into the environment, after this you may say, he is "building the healthy environment", well ...

    He is also the chairman of the review commitee (good position to look after his stake in the company)

    Options still issued at 20 cents, look at the amount of them coming to Odd Lot Nominees by the end of the Feb 2003

    and who is this Odd Lot ?

    In summary:

    Remediation company with international aspiration and small miner mentality.

    Their position within Australia itself is appalling, orphan-like, no big daddy, not in a mainstream, not
    cooperating with anyone, got the feeling rather against everybody else.

    Above is my personal opinion but every shareholder should think and exercize the right to vote.

    Those who go to GM, make sure your voice is heard, esspecialy if you think like me that some changes are overdue.
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