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@SenseightynineTrue to your posts from months ago and to suit...

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    True to your posts from months ago and to suit your inaccurate headline narrative, you convienently leave out an important detail regarding the $2000 and the focus of the auditors;

    That is the the auditors where acutely aware that hitting the revenue target would result in that specific tranche of performance shares being triggered. Consequently $1 would not have been considered trivial given the circumstances. Instead of thinking about normal trivial auditing thresholds, they would have squarely focused on a principle of veracity.

    Of course you might like to suggest the auditors did not conduct themselves professionally given that context and decided it not be prudent to zero in a little closer. Not like they haven't seen that scenario before nor understand the probable professional risk to themselves if things go belly up in the future - right.

    You appear to be stuck in a senseless perpetual auditing loop given the full context of the performance share audit, and now only here to satisfy your digital egocentricity. So to help you resolve that personal struggle and give us a break from your patronizing, nauseating attitude, lets agree your myopic, incomplete insights are correct and leave it to the courts to decided.

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