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    Hi Traders, Investors, Sticky Beaks
    In my view privatisation and delisting is now inevitable. It will then relist in approx 5 years time. There are only 2 problems with this,
    1. Less transparency when privatised. I am hoping the BRW Rich 200 members will keep each other honest.
    2. Difficulty in selling shares. Not really a issue for me because I am a long term investor rather than a trader.
    Can anyone think of other reasons for the small retail shareholder when TEN is privatised? I am particularly interested to hear from shareholders of other companies that were privatised, delisted and then re-listed.
    I am asking this because not only do I intend to subscribe to the entitlement offer at $0.20. I intend to buy more if and when the price drops below $0.20
    Thanks in advance,
    my email [email protected]
    P.S. I am confident TEN is not going the way of One Tel. I know traders always state you shouldn't catch falling knives but hey I am a fundamental investor. Besides, there are very few businesses that give you a license to print money like TV does:) The good times will come.
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