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privacy, blackoil & sb2000

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    sorry guys/ girls must have put you all on ignore at some point.
    As I can't see what you are saying, but can guess by the heading, I'll give you some obvious info, that you could've researched yourself, if you weren't morons!
    If my chart is right LUM hit the low 90's in Oct 03', if you look at whose currently on line, you'll find that I obtained my first and only nic in late 04' (I'd tell you the exact date, but I can't remember and it seems like you can look up everyone elses, but not your own.)
    Yes, I do hold, unlike you guys, I always fill in the voluntary disclosure, open your eyes.
    Just so you have something to put in your diary tonight, I bought all my shares in the last week or so.
    If you feel compelled to communicate with me, keep it simple S..... and fit it in the subject line.
    How good is that red button?
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