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Prince of Darkness aka Chaindust4

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    Prince of Darkness if I would have followed or being influenced by your comment here with this stock I would have burnt my finger very badly indeed. But, I did exactly the opposite as I have said before I bought a big champ of this stock at 0. 001 and I reduce my average to almost to the very minimum , it was a punt but this time a good one. I was expecting any spike of the stock and as you know today happens I sold half of it and recover all my monies from this dog and reducing my losses in the other dog too . As an experience at least for me is only, to read all the opinion of all the genius that seems to be in this hotcopper business and at the end of the day you and only you make the last desition according how deep is your pocket. This business of buying shares at the penny dreadful level in ASX is a casino business win /lost or alternative lingering in the a little bit up or down and very few Shs can make big money.Better to be in a business that you control your money. One thing for sure I woulnt do is to sling rubbish to any stock that I don't own. Waiting for my money coming to my account now. I hope not but it woulnt surprise me that the other dog stock may end up similar than this one.You probably know which one I am refering to.
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