Prince Andrew promoted to vice admiral for his 55th birthday by hos mum; oh, how cute...

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    The parasite, recently in the news for all the wrong reasons, is to be promoted to vice admiral next week, even though he hasn't served in the navy since he was forty one.

    "The Queen has approved the appointment, which is timed to mark her second son’s 55th birthday next week.
    Buckingham Palace last night said the move was a ‘long-standing convention’ that enables Andrew, who served as a Sea King pilot with the Royal Navy in the Falklands War, to be promoted in line with peers still serving in the military."

    A convention haha. They only became royals through murder and mayhem in the first place. Nasty bit of inbred DNA - no wonder we used to have to sing 'God save our (gracious) queen...' They'll all need it when they get to hell. At least all their friends'll be there to greet them.
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