primeminister and Daniel Andrews back line workers

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    Morrison is the laughing stock of the ADF, the medical community, legal community, emergency services. ADF are untrained and just ordinary workers masked up. Morrison has not taken the lead in this crisis and more fixated on things getting back to normal than dealing with the crisis.

    Andrews fails to close pubs and clubs. Delegation of government responsibility to fools. Slow on legal action and allowing activities in which social distancing cant be maintained. What type of child do we have running the show.

    People are not intimidated enough.

    1. You need soldiers camped out at football ovals around the country.
    2. You need rewards for people who dob in those who break the rules.
    3. You need criminal penalties for someone who has corona virus who doesn't follow the rules which may include manslaughter charges.
    4. You need an economic plan not financial relief.

    The best economic plan is nation building.
    Adelaide could do with an Aquarium and develop Gawler with a fast train. Melbourne could develop outer areas such as geelong into a large business district.
    Sydney could develop outer areas into large business districts. The idea that million dollar real estate and over crowding is healthy is already costing banks 400 billion in losses.
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