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    if what i have read on hc is true what has transpired in cvi is a disgrace.

    i hold no shares but have traded on numerous occasions.

    a poster made a suggestion about a group action, i think thats a brilliant idea not just for cvi holders but for all involved in the share market, there needs to be a precedent set for all who have been lied out off there hard earned on the share market not just cvi.

    there are and have been some great researchers on cvi, if you guys and others on hc got together and made a conscious effort to do something about this then you should get results if not even if its just for your peace of mind.

    human nature has you believe that theres not much you can do, that all is lost just move on and try and recoup your losses, recouping your losses i definitely agree with but moving on and forgetting well no way, this is what they would want you to believe, what they will rely on, you will probably even get posters come on here and push that agenda all for your own concerns of course :).

    cvi is definitely a case study of huge proportions and i am sure others will agree, so why let it slide, African Americans for the first time decided to get up and vote for the first time and what has transpired is democracy with a African president.
    not all is lost, if you guys are going down than you might as well go down fighting with some integrity, pride and spirit (sry thats the spartan in me) at least you will sleep easier at night knowing you gave it a shot.

    in all honesty i have no idea what has transpired here i have not given cvi enough attention but for those that have and have lost plenty don't bury your heads in the sand, t4p , encore , raks , 123 , Trent , tallmantim, xanadu and the rest you guys have the skills to lead by example not just for you selves but for all.
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