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    Looks like the buyers side has been propped up to look like a lot of volume, and the 42.5, 43 cent cappers that bought yesterday want their profit of .5 or 1 cent today, and when they have sucseeded they will drag it down again and then rebuy back in at 42.5 say and hence the cycle will go round and round. Pretty good scam!If the volume was where it is with the bulk of buyers in the 43c q then you could say it was legitimate, but where are they? in the 40.5 to 42 cent q. I have a thought! Don't buy at their 43.5 cents and let it backfire. But, it will never happen because they are playing a good physc game and will get it their way. I'd like to think i'm wrong but somehow doubt it! It would be nice if every one involved in MEO was on HC and have their eyes opened. I've only been involved in this site a couple of days, and bingo, have it all worked out. Good education site i guess!! And by the way, Colin hasn't called or emailed back, a company with no courtesy ethics i guess! Anyway, must go and get breakfast for my kids, I wonder if Maccas got any courtesy or will we be ignored, nah, they want our money i suppose, lol.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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