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    I wanted to start this thread to get an idea of where everyone thinks the price of gold will be over the next 12-24 months as we will start to see gold flow from liontown as well as bakers creek at hillgrove. I'm very bullish on gold and was one of the main reasons I held onto rvr and loaded up big at the bottom. I just can't see gold going down from here but only up. When you have record low interest rates, record amounts of helicopter money being thrown around everywhere as well as one of the greatest impacts and shocks to the world economy we have ever seen you get a few tailwinds for gold; hyperinflation as well as fear of the unknown destruction covid is bringing to our economies. Some of the ideas I have attached to these headings are. 1.(stock market tanking) While stock markets have risen considerably from the bottom I believe many stocks are well overvalued and a second fall will occur which should help the gold price roar along. 2.(inflation breaks out at a rapid pace) This would force interest rates to rise and cause the most catastrophic downturn in stock and bond markets I believe the world would ever see considering the current back drop which of course gold acts as a hedge towards 3. (Zero returns on bank deposits) everyone's earning nothing with cash lying around and many don't like the idea of going into a crazed stock market full of overvalued crap so what do they do they buy gold. 4 (weak usd) as everyone knows a weak usd makes investors flood into gold. These are just some of the reasons why i think gold still has the potential to increase greatly from the current level and thus why I am leveraged heavily via some gold miners with my biggest exposure being rvr. Now what price am I tipping? I would suggest 2500-3000usd with a 0.74-77 aud/usd over the next 18 months isn't out of the question as even if a cure is found for covid hyperinflation will then become a major worry and if not then the tailwind of uncertainty will drive the price of gold! It's a win win and hence why I'm so bullish on it! I'd love to hear others thoughts as well as any bearish points! what does this mean for bakers creek well @80% recovery at 2500usd @0.75aud that's 48 mill rev; which we know won't have many costs associated with it! Something to think about as well is currys block I have a great feeling it's going to be a unicorn hit but that's just me! Imo dyor gltah
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