price of gold (pog)

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    I was wondering what highs that the POG might reach before the end of this year. I know that the thought of USD400 might get a few people, but I beleive that it might get close to this amount. Ofcourse, to justify this one has to dig up old news and believes, such as, global instablity which is been caused by a very dangerous situation araising in the US economy. Imagine, also, that the SARS situation in China does get resolved in the next 8 months. On top of that, terrorism or rather the fear of terrorism is still impacting global markets.

    More on the facts - the stock piles of mining companies has eroded and dumping by them when the POG has reduced substancially. This means that the POG will not get hammered by nervious mining companies.

    At this point I wish to encourage feedback from other hotcopperites, as I have not really much time to research the market these days!
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