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price of gbg and cfe

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    GBG took a run today and CFE looks like it will as well when it comes out of the trading halt.

    This suggest to me that investors are starting to look at the small Iron Ore plays as they see value. AXO still looks very very inexpensive when you compare it to some of these other companies. It has around $0.45 per share cash backing!!!

    Volume for AXO was only around 325k today, not huge but the way it is trading still suggests that a big player is accumulating the stock between $0.80 - $0.85.

    Its only a few more weeks now until we know the outcome of the financing. I expect that if we get some positive news AXO will takeoff, however this time i think it will go past the previous high. When it starts to run i will be buying more stock.
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