price inflation in the us?

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    I thought this quite interesting and I wonder what the situation is here...

    Dear Mr. Russell,
    I had to write this letter regarding the comments of Adrian Van Eck of last Friday. I am also extremely angry at our government for the massaging(i refer to it as a lie) of the "numbers." I own a wholesale bakery in Nassau County, Long Island New York. Mr. Van Eck is exactly correct in his idea's about the rampant inflation that is going on. Aside from the rise in local taxes, health care, and oil, I would like to tell you about the inflationary pricing that has occurred in my business during the last 10 weeks.

    1. Eggs have gone from $18 case to $39.95. more than a 100 per cent increase.

    2. Butter has gone from $56 a case to $92 a case.

    3. Cream has gone from 2.10 a quart to $2.50 a quart. And i just got a call from my dairy provider who says that on April 1st the price will go up another 80 cents a quart.

    4. Flour has gone up the least at about 5-7 percent.

    5. All soy based products and toppings went up 15-20 per cent last week.

    6. I just heard from my chocolate supplier who is only raising the minium order, but that went through the roof about 15 months ago. You can check the cocoa futures for that.

    All of these numbers are documented and not pulled from the thin air.

    What is our government looking at? What happened to the idea of government helping the people. I am tired of politics as usual. Keep on trucking Mr. Russell.

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