CFU 0.00% 0.4¢ ceramic fuel cells limited

price and chart chat

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    May as well open a new thread.Saves download bytes etc.

    I find it impossible to Download Charts here at HC.
    Please if anyone can? Please DON"T.It superwidens a Thread and makes Typed Messages more incomprehensible than usual!

    So refer to your own private Chart and try to see my verbalised points.I do not use those Fancy Indicators so it's useless trying to point out some MACD divergence to me,or any similar pap.

    What have we basically got with the CFU Short Term Chart?

    Main feature is a Yawning Gap that is rapidly approaching.
    So yawning it's BORING! So please don't come d'Wisdom with me that it HAS to Close.

    I reckon it's a Continuation Gap that is following Candle theory that if it don't Close in 3 Three Days it's Not Going To.
    No one is Holding in Profit willing to sell into such Gap so it's not going to CLOSE.
    So any pilgrims hanging around in that Gap for Buying? I hope ya bloody Disappointed!!

    Now today continued to mop up the Stop Losses on lowish Volume.

    Because any retail buyers have either exhausted their CFU allocation or they're mean n nastily dreaming of the Gap,the Depth Board Bid has been taken over by Algae Bids.

    All those 1000+# Bids are NOT young pilgrims fluttering their pocket money.Some maybe but not the Majority.That's ALGAE,algorithmic trading by robotic computers run by BigBOYS.

    Typically a Largish Ask is put one/two points off the Action/Spread.That may well be what the Algae are trying to slowly cover if IF/When such Asks are met ie the algae buys say 30k over days at 55 and has 13k Ask at 58.One and the same entity both sides of the fence.

    This is to catch d'Desperate,Hava2Sellers who go-

    Geez it's trading 55 but I can only sell my 20k parcel if I run it down to 53.Oh bugger that's Slippage and yet I can't join the Ask at 58 because there's a fair few in front of me there,oh bleeding hell let's get this over with.blasted ctindale and his rubbish advice I'm going down d'Tube.Wah Whinge!
    and d'pilgrim turns his back on Mammon and SELLs at 53.

    Neat Trick if ya don't be au fait with Algae hey?
    today's Vwap is 55.4
    3 day VWAP [Mon to Wed] is 58.5.
    5Day VWAP [Thur to Wed]is 65.7.

    I reckon algae will buy to 58.5 tomorrow,in the abscence of news of course AND dills not driving towards that GAP!!

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